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Immigration law can be somewhat daunting. If you need assistance navigating the complicated immigration process, then consider contacting a qualified immigration lawyer serving Brunswick, GA, and the surrounding areas. The Jemison Firm is here to assist clients with a range of immigration needs. Mr. Jemison is an experienced attorney who dedicates himself to providing his clients with reliable service.

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Have you been accused of a crime and are worried about how that will affect your immigration status? Mr. Jemison is an experienced criminal immigration lawyer who can provide you with answers. As both an immigration and criminal defense attorney, he is prepared to explain your situation and help you determine how to move forward.

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In addition to assisting with immigration law, Mr. Jemison is a lawyer that can help if you’re facing DUI charges, domestic violence charges, and more. He can also assist with certain family law matters. If you’re near Brunswick, GA, then consider calling him for more information. He can provide service in both English and Spanish, depending on the need.

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The Jemison Firm can assist with your domestic violence case.

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Get assistance with either an uncontested or contested divorce.

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