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Trying to immigrate to the United States can be somewhat complicated. Allow a reliable immigration attorney to guide you. The Jemison Firm can assist clients near Richmond Hill, GA, and the surrounding areas with their immigration needs. Mr. Jemison is a compassionate, reliable attorney and will use his knowledge of the field to better assist you.

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The Jemison Firm can assist with the following types of immigration cases:

  • Family-Based Immigration: Family-based immigration is available to relatives of current United States citizens or lawful permanent residents. These include spouses, dependent children, and siblings. Mr. Jemison is an immigration attorney who can assist with these needs, as well as assisting with related immigration concerns, such as fiancé visas.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Being deported can be incredibly traumatizing, especially for children. DACA is designed to protect undocumented immigrant children from deportation and provide them with work visas.
  • U Visas: These visas are available to victims of certain crimes and have suffered through physical or mental abuse.
  • P Visas: P Visas are temporary visas that allow entertainers, athletes, and artists to come to the United States to compete or perform.
  • O Visas: O Visas are available for temporary nonimmigrant workers who possess what are considered “extraordinary abilities.”
  • Student Visas: Many students may wish to come to the United States for schooling. Obtaining a student visa allows them to do so.
  • Tourist Visas: Individuals who want to temporarily come to the United States for business or tourism may be eligible to get a tourist visa.
  • Child Abduction Cases: If a child is abducted from the United States, Mr. Jemison can work to help get the child back.
  • Domestic Violence Cases: If a nonimmigrant wishes to pursue citizenship but would normally require the assistance of an abusive partner to file, The Jemison Firm can help.
  • Asylum Cases: Mr. Jemison can assist you if you’ve fled your country as a political refugee.

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Partnering with experienced lawyers can help you navigate the complex field of immigration law. If you’re searching for an immigration law firm near Richmond Hill, GA, or the surrounding areas, then consider contacting The Jemison Firm. Mr. Jemison is prepared to provide you with knowledgeable legal guidance.

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